PXL Platinum 330


The PXL Platinum 330 was designed with a special focus on effectiveness, safety and user friendliness and incorporates the latest clinical experiences. It enables the user to select the required energy levels: 3 mW, 9 mW, 18 mW and 30 mW per cm² with automatic time adjustment. Furthermore it allows pulsed radiation in connection with the latest experience in treating infectious keratitis, with adjustable illumination on/off intervals. Also dedicated LASIK/PRK modes are available.

  • The system has an integrated infrared camera for eye tracking and ensure proper distance. The tracking area as well as the aperture can be individually set to ensure safety of the limbus. It includes a built-in calibration verification to continuously measure emitted light intensity.
  • An integrated contact pachymeter is optionally available which communicates via Bluetooth with the system and automatically transfers the pachymetry data.
  • For documentation purposes, patient data as well as treatment settings can easily be exported in a powerful pdf report.
  • A colour touch screen shows all relevant information: Real time eye monitoring, treatment settings and remaining treatment time. Some settings such as aperture and tracking zone can even be adapted during the treatment to ensure safety throughout procedure.
  • An optional floor mount is available.


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