Pentacam AXL WAVE


The Pentacam AXL Wave is the first device to combine Scheimpflug tomography with axial length, total wavefront, refraction and retroillumination. With high-end hardware and software for optimum treatment and satisfied patients, the Pentacam AXL Wave makes no compromises on quality.

Scheimpflug-based Tomography

Pentacam technology is the established gold standard, proven over many years. It measures, displays and analyzes the anterior eye segment, and is non-contact and tear-film-independent.

Objective Refraction

The most crucial parameter, based on wavefront aberrometry - pre and post op!

Wavefront Aberrometry of the Entire Eye

Low and high order aberratons of the whole eye measured using Hartman-Shack technology. Internal and total corneal wavefront aberrometry is also displayed for detailed crystalline lens or IOL assessment.

Optical Biometry

Contact-free axial length measurements with proven precision.


For pre-op assessment of crystalline lens opacities and post-op check of IOL position.