The BIOM® 5 is the ideal complement to the SDI® (Stereoscopic Diagonal Inverter). The BIOM® 5 enables wide-angle observation of the fundus during vitreous surgery. The observation unit BIOM® can be mounted in a matter of seconds and can be swung into the beam path when needed.

Slim and sleek
The slim and open design is lightweight and increases accessibility for the surgeon’s hands and instruments as well as reprocessing. Space consumption in the operating field is also minimized.

Optimized Surgical Efficiency
The new reduction lens is designed to optimize the view of the retina and the limbus without the need to refocus during extraocular phases of surgery.

Precision Engineered for Maximum Accuracy
OCULUS' high design and manufacturing standards ensure greater stability and precision. Selected materials, including Titanium, offer increased durability, with excellent resistance to today’s rigorous and sometimes harsh sterilization methods.

Wide-Field in High Definition
The new OCULUS WiFi HD lens is designed to provide superior
clarity with wide-angle viewing. This unique design also provides high
definition during high magnification, reducing the necessity of a separate lens
for macula work.


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