The Easygraph is equipped with proven measurement and device technology for contact lens fitting as well as precise and reliable diagnostics, the Easygraph has all it takes to be a real topographer.

  • Corneal topographer with built-in keratometer
  • Comfortable, hygienic working distance reduces the influence of positioning tolerances
  • Quick 3D alignment with auto-release to ensure highest accuracy and repeatability
  • Sagittal (axial) and tangential (local) curvature and power maps
  • Refractive power map using Snell‘s law of refraction
  • Elevation maps
  • Zernike and Fourier Analysis
  • Cornea diameter (HWTW)
  • Comparison display and big camera image
  • Easy to mount on any conventional slit lamp
  • Easy to use sophisticated user interface in Windows™ environment
  • USB interface to PC/Laptop with network compatible software


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