Keratograph 4


Gold standard corneal topography – that’s what the Keratograph 4 is all about. It ensures reliability when it comes to taking measurements, providing consultation and fitting contact lenses. The Keratographs accurate findings are something you can count on. The integrated keratometer and automatic measurement activation guarantee perfect reproducibility. In this way the Keratograph 4 also meets highest clinical standards for such procedures as tear film assessment and qualitative cornea analysis. It stands out by virtue of its versatility.

Taking measurements with placido ring illumination

The cornea is represented across its entire surface and globally using thousands of measuring points. Precise measurements form the basis for many modes of analysis and representation, such as, automatic keratoconus detection and 3D representation of the cornea.

Taking measurements with the blue light emitting diode

Previously you may have taken static fluo images and videos using the slit lamp – now you can also do so with the Keratograph 4 ! Use this function to examine the fit and mobility of contact lenses.