Johnson & Johnson Vision
Healon5 Pro


As a viscoadaptive OVD, the HEALON5® PRO combines the best features of both our dispersive and cohesive OVDs. Designed for safety and control during phacoemulsification and precision lens implantation, the HEALON5® PRO delivers outstanding protection every step of the way.

The HEALON5® PRO behaves as both a dispersive and cohesive.

  • Cohesive properties provide space creation and anterior chamber maintenance
  • Dispersive properties deliver outstanding endothelial cell protection during phaco
  • Helps to ensure safe and precise capsulorhexis, phacoemulsification and lens placement
  • Classification: Viscoadaptive
  • Product Volume: 0.60 ml
  • Viscosity: 3.10 - 4.10 Log (Pas)
  • Composition: 2.3% sodium hyaluronate
  • Molecular Weight: 3,200,000 Da


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