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Healon EndoCoat


As an aid in cataract surgery, the HEALON EndoCoat® Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Device gives surgeons the benefits of a low molecular weight dispersive with the exceptional safety and ease of handling you expect from HEALON®.

The HEALON EndoCoat® remains in the anterior chamber throughout the entire phacoemulsification process, helping safeguard endothelial cells and other ocular tissue.

With its low molecular weight, the HEALON EndoCoat® retentive properties help to maintain anterior chamber depth during phacoemulsification.

The HEALON EndoCoat® is clear and colorless, helping maintain exceptional clarity in the surgical field while minimizing obstruction.

Because of its dispersive nature, the HEALON EndoCoat® can be used to lubricate intraocular lens delivery systems.

  • Classification: Dispersive
  • Product Volume: 0.85 ml
  • Composition: 3% sodium hyaluronate
  • Molecular Weight: 800,000 Da