Johnson & Johnson Vision
Tecnis Eyhance 1-Piece


The TECNIS Eyhance IOL, model ICB00/DIB, is a one-piece, posterior chamber lens with an overall diameter of 13.0 mm and an optic diameter of 6.0 mm. It incorporates a spherical posterior surface and a modified aspheric anterior surface that is designed to provide distance vision and a dysphotopsia profile comparable to a standard aspheric monofocal IOL. Additionally, the lens extends the depth of focus, which provides improved intermediate vision compared to a standard aspheric monofocal IOL. The lens also compensates for corneal spherical aberration, similar to the TECNIS® monofocal IOL.

  • Powers: +5.0 D to 34.0 D in 0.5 diopter increments
  • Diameter: 6.0 mm
  • Shape: Biconvex, continuous, higher-order aspheric anterior surface
  • Material: UV-blocking hydrophobic acrylic


  • Non-Preloaded (ICB)
  • Simplicity Preloaded (DIB)