RiEye Mk2S R7


The RiEye Mk2S R7 operating table is equipped with a long leg cushions which is suited for hospitals and clinics where surgeries under anaesthesia are performed.

All RiEye Mk2S operating tables have a unique accessibility for surgeon and assisting staff. It is especially oriented for eye surgery, such as cataract surgery, retinal surgery, eyelid surgery, glaucoma surgery and lens replacement surgery. The operating table also performs well for other types of microsurgery such as ENT surgery, plastic surgery, dental surgery, jaw surgery and similar procedures around the patient’s head area. “RiEye Mk2S” is developed in cooperation with leading Swedish and international hospitals and clinics. The operating table is used both stationary in the operating room or as a mobile unit in line with “roll-in roll-out” method.

Great care has been put in the design of the table and its accessories to improve the freedom of movement for the surgeon and assisting personnel in the vicinity of the patient head. The patented “HandsFree” headrest is comfortable for the patient and the unique ergonomic design decreases the preparation time prior to surgery. Thanks to smooth surfaces, smart joints and removable cushions, the table is easy to maintain clean and hygienic.

The operating table has a new type of wheel suspension and remains stable even on uneven floors with its unique adaptive chassis. On both sides of the table there is a central brake installed which when activated, locks all four wheels simultaneously. The operating table can with ease be shifted sideways and for longer transportations a direction lock can be activated on one of the wheels.

The hand control has an intuitive layout with simple functions where back-, leg-, and seat cushions, as well as height can be adjusted individually. Special pre-set buttons are available for Trendelenburg and zero level positions. Up to four custom settings can be programmed for different treatment phases.

  • High level of comfort for the patient with a low entry-level height and comfortable movement between different treatment phases
  • Quick and safe positioning of the patient with Rini’s patented “HandsFree” headrest
  • Great accessibility for the surgeon with much free space below back- and headrest
  • Easy clean-up with removable cushions and a headrest that is dockable


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