The AP-4000 is a versatile and fully equipped kinetic and static perimeter. It's optimised to provide excellent patient comfort, extensive testing options, and a user interface that navigates the operator through the test options effortlessly.

Patient comfort
Performing a visual field measurement can be exhausting. Smart strategies and advanced eye tracking reduce the examination time. Clever details like the bowl ventilation are welcome countermeasures.

The user interface is designed to manage and guide users through the various exams quickly and easily. Features like the trial lens calculator, visual acuity verification by optotypes, and the patient audio guide are just a few examples.

Practical details
The AP-4000 features a 17" HD capacitive touchscreen embedded in a PC with a custom OS on a small footprint. The built-in isolation transformer provides power to the external printer, making it very convenient to install anywhere that space matters.

The AP-4000 provides comprehensive single reports as well as progression analyses to support clinical decision making.

Clinical benefit
The AP-4000 is equipped with both kinetic testing and static testing that incorporate threshold and suprathreshold strategies for multiple scenarios where a visual field examination is needed.


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