With experience in the field, the OCT developed is an outstanding machine, which fulfils the expactations of the eye doctors specialised in all different areas. It is incredibly fast and easy to use as 1-2-3.

CASIA2 impresses by intuitive and mostly automated handling, encouraged by an unbelievable measurement speed. Our software guides you easily from measuring through analysis to the final report.

STAR Analysis - Glaucoma Application
With the STAR 360° application, the CASIA2 automatically measures the anterior chamber angles all around the anterior segment - thanks to its automatic scleral spur detection. it provides you with specific parameters needed to detect and treat glaucoma. With the new * added function "Narrow Angle Index" you immediately receive data about a possible narrow angle plus a referring index based on normatice data.

*availale from version 60, optional features "STAR Analysis software"

CASIA 2 - Journey through the human eye