The CA-800 is extremely easy to handle and use. From image acquisition to analysis, the on-board software is intuitive and user-friendly and the 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen provides quick navigation. Visual guidance supports fast and easy alignment and focusing on the eye; the "best image" selection mode automatically acquires the best-focused image. The CA-800 is a placido-based topography system that delivers accurate, high resolution images of the anterior corneal surface. The keratoscope cone with 24 rings equally spaced on a 43D sphere analyses over 100.000 data points with axial and instantaneous curvature elavation.

The compact design of the CA-800 includes a fully integrated PC, so that an external PC is not required to manage a patient database, for archiving and re-analysis purposes. The patient database is stored on an internal 320Gb SATA hard disk and the CA-800 includes a 320Gb SSD for a quick start up of the instrument and user interface.

  • Topography map
  • OD/OS results on same screen
  • Corneal wavefront (Zernike) analysis
  • Corneal surface height map
  • Comparison map
  • Pupillometry
  • Realtime fluorescein acquisition and imaging
  • White to white measurement
  • Meibomian gland analysis
  • Contact lens fitting simulation
  • Toric IOL calculation
  • 10.1" capacitive touch screen
  • Fully integrated patient database


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